Office Culture

At Robert A.M. Stern Architects, our staff includes people from around the world with a wide variety of professional backgrounds and all levels of experience. We collaborate with the best design consultants as we work throughout the United States and internationally. Strong advocates of continuing education, our office organizes field trips to historical architectural sites and lectures by colleagues and guests while exploring issues in both classical and modernist architecture. Our office offers frequent happy hours, supports staff athletic teams, and promotes weekend sketchbook outings.

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<b>Brenna Decker</b><br> <em>Tracing the Anatomy of a Capital City</em><br> <u><a href="">Click here to view Brenna’s proposal.</a></u><br> <br> <b>Natalia Klusek</b><br> <em



The inaugural exhibition "Drawing from Experience" focuses on the tradition of travel sketching, a fundamental component of an architect’s lifelong education. The hand-to-eye connection internalizes an impression of the built environment in a way that can