Celebration Health

Celebration, Florida

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Robert A.M. Stern
Michael D. Jones
Paul L. Whalen

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Florida Hospital's Celebration Health campus is designed around the values of health education, wellness, prevention, and early intervention. The 265,000-square-foot first phase is located on a 60-acre site. This initial phase incorporates comprehensive fitness, rehabilitation, diagnostic, and selected treatment services -- with future phases anticipating greater breadth and depth of outpatient services and the addition of inpatient services.

The campus is adjacent to and is designed to be an integral part of Celebration, a new town based on many of the planning and architectural characteristics of traditional small towns in the American south. In keeping with the traditional architecture to be found in Celebration, this building borrows from the Mediterranean aesthetic typical of many Florida civic buildings, campuses, and resorts. Building massing is articulated as a series of informally connected pavilions, each expressing the functions within. The volumes of the Health Fitness Center, the Chapel/Meditation Room, and the Dining Room dominate the view at the entrance to the campus, clearly indicating the emphasis on wellness in this facility. Low-pitched terra cotta tile roofs, vine-covered pergolas, and cream colored stucco will work together with a lush Central Florida landscape to create a welcoming, healing environment. The low three-storey height ensures controlled views to the surrounding shady grounds while avoiding views of highways and strip developments in the distance. A memorable tower marks the building entrance and will become the beacon for this institution. Surrounding much of the site, an elongated lake creates interesting water views from the campus as well as from the surrounding Boulevard.

The building interior is organized along a continuous double- and triple-height galleria, off of which all departments open. The galleria provides natural light and views to the reception areas, creating a comforting connection to the surrounding landscape while clarifying orientation within the building. In an updated Mediterranean vein, light colored walls, pale wood accents and bold colored fabrics will create a bright inviting interior, combing the professional character of a medical institution with the easy comfort of a resort.

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