Moore Psychology Building

Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire

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Project Partners
Robert A.M. Stern
Preston J. Gumberich
Meghan L. McDermott
Graham S. Wyatt

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Forming the first, critical corner in Dartmouth College's new North Campus Quadrangle, the 100,000 G.S.F. Moore Psychology Building reunites the College's previously physically divided Psychology Department under a single roof. The building has been sited to work well with the existing disposition of buildings and with a proposed master plan. Each of the building's four, above grade floors is divided into an office wing and laboratory wing allowing both convenient access between faculty offices and laboratories and the spontaneous, intellectual interaction which occurs when faculty offices, meeting rooms and lounges are clustered. Seminar and colloquium rooms, lounges and teaching facilities are clustered at the intersection of the building's two wings as is a generously proportioned, naturally lit stair connecting all floors. The building is also vertically stratified with vivaria and animal research facilities located at the basement and ground floor, conveniently adjacent to a carefully designed loading dock and storage facility. Human and cognitive research facilities are located on the top three floors. While laboratories are based on a carefully planned and highly flexible module and the entire building is fitted with the latest in mechanical, electrical, plumbing and telecommunications systems the overall impression is one of a relaxed and collegial academy of scholars not of the sanitized and impersonal clinic so typical of today's laboratories.

In its architecture the building combines red brick, New Hampshire granite walls, Indiana limestone, and copper roofs in a composition evocative of the restrained, Georgian buildings of the College's older quadrangles.

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