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Del Sur Village

San Diego, California

Project, 2005

Project Partners

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Located on a 135-acre site in San Diego, adjacent to the new community of Del Sur and close to the towns of Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe, Del Sur Village will support a fine-grain mix of urban uses: residences, shops, offices, parks, and recreation. A colonnaded Main Street is lined with shops with apartments above, a supermarket, cafes, and a landscaped civic plaza and park. The residential core of the project, immediately to the west of Main Street, is organized by radial avenues, alleys, pedestrian mews, and parking courts that run parallel to the increasing grade, crossed by narrow lanes and stairways that provide for pedestrian movement uphill to Highpoint Park. Residential types include detached bungalows, townhouses, and small courtyard apartment houses. All blocks and buildings are layered to take advantage of the site topography, in the manner of charming traditional hillside neighborhoods in San Diego and Los Angeles. This efficient use of the site creates pocket parks and shaded residential courts on every block.

Canyon Park, with its manicured paths, terraced slopes, tennis courts, and nature trails, follows the topography of an existing canyon and provides an important entry point for hikers and bikers seeking to explore the extensive North San Diego trail system. A variety of buildings will be arrayed around the periphery of the ten-acre park, including apartments and townhouses, a hotel, a health club, and four office buildings.