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Nathan Deal Judicial Center

Atlanta, Georgia

Under construction, completion 2019

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The State of Georgia’s new Judicial Center, accommodating the State Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, will face the State Capitol (Edbrooke and Burnham, 1889) across the complex intersection of Capitol Avenue and Memorial Drive. Our design carries forward the Classical architectural approach that has symbolized the dignity of the courts since the early days of the Republic. The precast concrete north facade curves to address views from adjacent expressways. The main entrance, surmounted by a colonnaded screen that is the centerpiece of the composition, opens to a single-story lobby and ground-floor offices. A double stair ascends to a second-floor atrium, a light-flooded elliptical room that rises eighty feet, encircled by upper-floor balconies. The Court of Appeals occupies a courtroom on the third floor, while a courtroom for the Supreme Court is located on the sixth floor. Both courtrooms are appropriately dignified spaces with vaulted ceilings, inspired by the architecture of Sir John Soane, and stained oak paneling. Twenty-four chambers for the judges and justices wrap the courtrooms and fill the intervening floors. A terrace on the top floor offers unique views of the Capitol; adjacent secure space provides judges and justices a place for contemplation and quiet conversation. A partial basement contains additional clerks’ offices, taking advantage of the slope of the site from north-to-south. Low landscaped walls work in conjunction with the slope to conceal service entrances and covered parking spaces from pedestrians.