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Warner Hall Renovation

University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware


Project Partners


Recently decommissioned as a University of Delaware residence hall, Warner Hall will continue to build upon Warner Hall’s legacy while establishing an inclusive and vibrant space for today’s students as the newly repurposed Wellbeing Center at Warner Hall, home to the University of Delaware’s counseling, health promotion services, and wellbeing engagement. The existing Warner Hall building is a three-story structure with a full basement in total of 26,330- square-feet, which is currently used as a women’s residence hall facility by the university. The building is part of the historic women’s college in Delaware, built in 1914. It will be renovated and its interior revised to accommodate office facilities for the Student Wellness, Center for Counseling/ Student Development, and Student Health Services.

Exterior renovation consists of new windows and entrance doors, and refresh exterior brick. Interior work includes demolition and reconfiguration of walls, new finishes, insulating of exterior walls, adding an elevator, and installing new building systems to the building. The goal is to preserve the historic architectural character of the building as well as to provide flexibility to accommodate future growth.

The renovation includes shared meeting rooms, multi-purpose room, smaller team rooms on ground level which offers welcoming environment for students. The second and third floors are suites dedicated to Student Wellness and Counselling to ensure privacy and comfort. The full basement is also offering a suite for counselling as well as demonstration kitchen and nurse offices for Student Health Services. 


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