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September 4, 2018

RAMSA Exhibition "Hand & Hardware: Human/Digital Hybrid Design Sketches" Opens

RAMSA Exhibition "Hand & Hardware: Human/Digital Hybrid Design Sketches" Opens

Today Robert A.M. Stern Architects launched "Hand & Hardware: Human/Digital Hybrid Design Sketches," an in-house gallery exhibit showcasing drawings by members of the firm that combine traditional hand sketching and digital modeling techniques.

A designer who is skilled in traditional hand-drawing techniques can rapidly communicate new ideas, clarifying intentions on the fly, with or without adhering to earlier renditions. Computer-assisted design offers a perfect record of the countless decisions that go into a given project, which can then be referenced at multiple scales and from different vantage points. An architect with a fluent command of both approaches can be a powerful collaborator, free to blend resources and techniques to address the need at hand, and potentially find new solutions that neither approach alone could reach.

The Sketch Gallery Jury, consisting of Kevin M. Smith, Partner; Christopher Heim, Senior Associate; Clay Hayles, Senior Associate; Armando Amaral, Associate; and Huaxia Song, evaluated works based on graphic quality, subject matter, composition, style, and technique. The jury congratulates all of our Sketch Gallery participants as we celebrate the many skills and talents they share here for the benefit of the firm: Bina Bhattacharyya, Joseph Cederoth, Johnny Cruz, Mario Cruzate, Eric M. Dorsch, Thomas Friddle, Timothy Galano, Constantin Geanakoplos, Laura Greenberg, Will Gridley, Peter Harmatuck, Christopher Heim, Arif Javeed, Michael Jones, Gemma Kim, Kimiko Kubota, Daniel Lobitz, Ross McClellan, Meghan McDermott, Andrew McIntyre, Breen Mahony, Beatrice Park, David Paul Pearson, Sal Peña, George Punnoose, Aaron Rigby, Mason Roberts, Mark Santrach, Tomek Smierzchalski, Kevin Smith, Paul Whalen, Joseph Yatco, and Boyuan Zhang.

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