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We worked with our colleagues at Landscape Forms, in collaboration with Fisher Marantz Stone, to offer a suite of fixtures appropriate for towns and cities that want to maintain a connection to traditional character while providing LED-lamped lighting that exceeds contemporary energy-use and output standards," said Daniel Lobitz, AIA, Partner at Robert A.M. Stern Architects. "We looked to the archetypical gas-lamps that illuminated America's streets and parks in the era before electric lighting, not in a naive or romantic way, but rather aiming to reinterpret their purposeful elegance for our own time." Within an open metal frame, an LED element that serves as an abstraction of a flame appears to be reflected in the fixtures' primary LED lamp, set into the upper housing, to cast beautiful even light.

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Concord reflects Robert A. M. Stern’s commitment to design that is informed by the past and contemporary in spirit. The collection and its elements embrace progress and new technologies yet are rooted in American history and our national view of the landscape as a place of respite and pleasure. Their “modern traditionalism” expands Landscape Forms’ vocabulary of design for addressing diverse architectural and landscape architectural styles. Concord is the first site furniture designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, which has designed products for leading companies in other industries.

Concord is a collection of elements related in form, scale and materials, and individual in expression and detail. Concord’s five elements include a bench, a litter /recycling receptacle, a pedestrian light, a pathway light, and a bike rack.

Melville is a graceful bench, in versions with or without back. The backless bench is handsome and tailored, with end frames that rise above the seat and flare gently outward. The elegant curved backrest has a formal quality that is softened by its low height, which enables people to lean into the curve and rest their arms along the bench’s top edge. Both benches are available in varying lengths, have cast aluminum frames and supports, and offer seat panels in a choice of wood or aluminum. Poe litter and recycling receptacles boast a refinement in profile and structural detail that belies their humble function, large (34 gallon) capacity, and heavy-duty cast and extruded aluminum construction. The three-foot-tall Hawthorne pathway light spreads as it rises from its base to house a 7-watt LED luminaire with sealed cartridge and thermoformed lens. The twelve-foot-tall Alcott pedestrian light, a contemporary interpretation of a traditional lamppost, has a similarly curved form. It houses an LED luminaire with an IP66 sealed cartridge component and thermoformed lens, and is offered in a choice of Type 3 (65 watt) or Type 5 (130 watt) light distribution. The Emerson bike rack is tapered from top to bottom with crisp edges and beveled detail. Made of cast aluminum, it has concealed hardware, pre-installed steel leveling guides, and meets APBP guidelines.

Concord is designed, developed and manufactured with sustainability in mind. Aluminum and steel parts contain recycled content material and are fully recyclable. All metal parts are finished with Landscape Forms' Panguard II® polyester powdercoat which is lead-free, and hazardous air pollutants-(HAPS) free, does not generate hazardous waste, and contains less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which, once processed are fully inert and cause no emission into the environment. And Concord is designed and built for the long term. Collection elements will withstand years of weather and wear and their design won’t look dated a decade from now.

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