Conversations @RAMSA

Image Kristen Juan, 2020.

Conversations @RAMSA

RAMSA Staff and Guests

A series of short conversations with colleagues, clients, and friends on timely topics and their implications for space, place, and design thinking.

In the most recent segment, RAMSA Partner Alex Lamis speaks to Nashville Public Library Director Kent Oliver and Los Angeles Public Library City Librarian John Szabo about COVID-19’s impact on the design, operations, and sustainability of public libraries.

Conversations @RAMSA | Segment 3 | Resilience & Inspiration: Public Libraries in 2020. Video Peter Jakubowski, 2020.

Segment two is titled “The Arts Ecology: COVID-19 and the Survival of Arts Organizations.” RAMSA Partner Melissa DelVecchio speaks to Chair of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management Michael Kaiser about arts organizations and how they are weathering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in the face of income loss, varied reopening strategies, and the acceleration of digital art forms. Michael was president of the Kennedy Center from 2001 through 2014 and has previously served as the executive director of the Royal Opera House in London, the American Ballet Theatre, and the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. He is now working with RAMSA on the Schwarzman Center at Yale University, the future world-class center for student life and the arts.

Conversations @RAMSA | Segment 2 | The Arts Ecology: COVID-19 and the Survival of Arts Organizations. Video Peter Jakubowski, 2020.

Segment one is titled "Change Under Pressure: Higher Education and COVID-19." The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is forcing colleges and universities to quickly reassess business and instructional models. Chronicle of Higher Education Senior Writer Scott Carlson and rpk GROUP Senior Partner Rick Staisloff speak with RAMSA Partner Jennifer Stone about the prospects for meaningful and lasting change in higher education.

Conversations @RAMSA | Segment 1 | Change Under Pressure: Higher Education and COVID-19. Video Peter Jakubowski, 2020.